Falecimento do Mestre Neguinho do Samba

Posted on November 3, 2009

Our colleague, Judith E. King-Calnek, sends us this sad news:

“Sadly, this is to let you know of the passing of a dear friend and incredible musician, Neguinho do Samba who recently died of a heart attack in his home town of Bahia, Brazil. Many of you knew Neguinho, others may not have known him, but knew his music. He was the force behind the drums of Olodum, the master of rhythms when the bloco burst onto the scene and their infectious rhythms captivated not just Salvador, Bahia, but the entire world. His touch on skins evoked cries, laughter, dance, and much more from people from all walks of life. The call of Neguinho’s rhythms reached the ears of internationally known musicians such as Paul Simon (“Rhythm of the Saints”) and Michael Jackson (“They Don’t Care About Us”).

I knew Neguinho (everybody in Bahia knows Neguinho!) for a long time, but got to know him much better in 1995 during a few months when I was there doing field work for my dissertation. His warmth, caring and concern for the people of Bahia were amazing. His dream of building a music school was realized, and his work with the all women’s percussion band Dida’ was revolutionary.”

It is such a loss. We are, however, fortunate to have many “filhos” of Neguinho. Not only his actual children, but his musical children as well. O rufar dos tambores nao para. We will all miss him sorely.


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