Pedro Giraudo’s composition “El Bajonazo” wins “2009 Latin Jazz Composition Of The Year”

Posted on December 28, 2009

“In the 2009 Latin Jazz Composition Of The Year, “El Bajonazo,” from El Viaje by The Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra, composer Giraudo digs deeply into the format. He utilizes a lot of musical ideas wisely throughout the song, but from the beginning, Giraudo applies textural elements with much success. A rapid stream of brash attacks sends the band charging into a ferocious statement, only to shrink into a trio setting. Giraudo takes center stage here, bowing his bass through the melody with passionate abandon as well as precise intonation and a gorgeous tone. Harmonized hits once again build the group momentum only to find the band shrinking again behind saxophone soloist Alejandro Aviles. Giraudo writes with sensitivity towards dynamics, bringing the group back into the mix in layers, until the full band once again screams through the speakers. Syncopation reigns supreme as the rhythm section places bold accents against a flowing brass melody. As the rhythm section gathers a rapid momentum, the wind players fall into a chaotic free improvisation before Giraudo pushes them back into tense lines that rise into a dramatic climax. Giraudio smartly manipulates a number of musical elements to create emotional impact and riveting excitement through the piece, showing the potential of the modern big band in the hands of a master composer.” (From The Latin Jazz Corner’s Best Latin Jazz of 2009 Awards). More on Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra. . .

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