Sarau para Paulo Moura

Posted on July 14, 2010

Cliff Korman, a longtime friend and musical collaborator of Paulo Moura, has shared this recounting of an emotional and beautiful last “sarau” (an informal musical gathering) at the clinic in Rio de Janeiro where Paulo Moura was being treated:

“The sarau at the clinic took place on Saturday (July 10), the last full day in which I can say Paulo was able to enjoy and participate. We brought instruments to a veranda overlooking the the view one finds in Gavea, Saõ Conrado, and Tijuca…hills of stone covered with luscious green of the national park, a stunning blue sky.

A good number of friends and musicians were there, amongst them Daniela Spielmann, Marcello Gonçalves, Paulo’s nephew Gabriel Moura, David Feldman, Humberto Araujo (a wonderful saxophonist, former student of Paulo, and now undersecretary of culture) and Wagner Tiso. We warmed up a bit with a Brazilian and American standards, (Embraceable You, which Paulo and I often included in our duo performances, a tune by Donato, a samba of Noel) as we looked for a common repertoire. Paulo soon came out to long and loving applause. In various and changing formations, we played Tarde de Chuva, Barão de Mesquita, and a few other pieces either by Paulo or associated with him. Wagner Tiso arrived, sat at the keyboard to play.  Paulo picked up his clarinet, adjusted it, wet the reed and blew a few notes to get oriented. Wagner asked him what he would like to play, then suggested Doce de Coco. Paulo nodded his agreement, Wagner started up, and by the time the first phrases were complete, Paulo had gathered his strength and musicality, and played. He joined the melody, improvised… and as we all looked on in amazement, we were joined on the veranda by doctors, while some of the other patients, who couldn’t fit  on the veranda, looked on through open windows, all with “boca aberta.”  When it was over, there were more than a few tears, and waves of applause.

That was his last time with the horn in his hands.”

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  1. Que lindo Cliff. O Brasil perdeu um grande artista e os anjos ganharam mais uma voz prá banda.