Zinc Bar in NYC gets a grand piano!

Posted on November 1, 2010

Huge thanks to the Sauter piano company (and Peter Becker of Noble Art Pianos, representing Sauter Center East) and to Dita Sullivan, the dedicated and energetic force who made it all happen: Zinc Bar now has a beautiful grand piano!

“This is a dream come true,” said Zinc Bar’s owner, Alex Kay. “Zinc Bar has given opportunities to scores of exceptional artists who needed a place to develop their music, but without a good piano, they couldn’t go the whole distance that their talent demanded. Sauter Pianos is providing the essential element they deserve as performers, and to lift Zinc Bar to the level that it deserves as a venue, so it can continue to connect with the sophisticated audience in New York that wants to grow with new artists and new ideas. The impact of this is going to be life-changing for so many people.”

To celebrate the installation of the piano, Sauter will sponsor Dita Sullivan’s landmark performance series “New Dimensions in Latin Jazz” at Zinc Bar from November 2nd through December 2nd.  The mission of the series, according to Dita, is “to open doors onto the panorama of  music being created by a new wave of Latin American jazzistas now based here.”   Among the luminaries of latin jazz who will perform are Emilio Solla, Fernando Otero, Dafnis Prieto, Juan-Carlos Formell, Dario Boente, Osmany Paredes, Robert Rodriguez, Elio Villafranca and Pedro Giraudo.

More information in this wonderful blog post by Eliseo Cardona.

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