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Thoughts for Thanksgiving 2012, Ellen Azorin

November 21, 2012 Comments Off on Thoughts for Thanksgiving 2012, Ellen Azorin News


Appreciate your losses.
Muse on them.
Hurt for them.
Cry for them.
And then, when you are done,
be thankful for them.
Remember who or what you’ve lost.
Re-live how they enriched your life
and what you might have been
if they had not been part of it.
Honor the losses.

Appreciate your mistakes.
Consider the many wrong roads taken,
the sidetracks, the dead ends,
and where you finally arrived.
Ponder all the lessons you might have missed
had you followed the straight and narrow.
Be glad you wandered.

Appreciate frustration, anger,
helplessness, anxiety, and despair.
Don’t run away, run towards them,
wallow in them,
wail about them—
you will always emerge
more powerful and prepared.
Understand the dark side.

Appreciate love,
even if it is past.
The obvious truth here:
if you’ve known it once,
you are capable of having it again.
Celebrate the possibilities.

Appreciate the light
that illuminates everything,
whether sunlight, moonlight,
a lamp or a candle,
or the first rays thrown against the back garden.
In the light, if you look hard enough,
you can always find beauty.
Turn your face skyward.

Appreciate yesterday.
It may have been tumultuous,
it may have been full of joy,
but it’s part of you now,
and if you don’t hold on to it,
you will need to reinvent yourself
over and over,
never growing larger in knowledge or spirit.
Embrace the past.

Appreciate tomorrow,
but do this carefully,
because you can’t know it
until it’s upon you,
and if you create it too soon
in your imperfect mind,
you lose the joy of surprise
and risk the sadness of disappointment.
Accept it as a mystery.
And savor today.

© Ellen Azorin, November 2012