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A month of “Music from the World of Orchids” at the NY Botanical Gardens Annual Orchid Show

February 25, 2013 Comments Off on A month of “Music from the World of Orchids” at the NY Botanical Gardens Annual Orchid Show News

The beauty of orchids is enhanced by the beauty of music from countries all over the word where orchids grow, at the NY Botanical Garden, starting March 2, 2013, Saturdays & Sundays, performances at 1 & 3 p.m. in Ross Hall.

Among the performers are:

March 9 & 10
Be transported to the historic cobblestoned streets of Lisbon and beyond by Nathalie and her ensemble, known as “Manhattan Camerata,” performing the melodic and soulful “national music” of Portugal, called fado. In her sweet, crystal clear voice packed with emotion, she sings this melodic, soulful, hauntingly beautiful music accompanied by virtuoso guitars.
And did you know. . .?  Portugal is home to the man orchid (Orchis anthropophora). The flowers on these orchids have a striking resemblance to little men.

March 16 & 17
Listen in on the musical traditions of Africa, performed by vocalist Kaïssa with poise and precision. Her vocal timbre invokes aural images of her native Cameroon and her music paints a lush, vivid picture of the ever-changing world around her. Her beautiful, powerful, yet silky voice sings out exuberant messages of joy, love, hope, and celebration.
And did you know. . .?  The 91 species of Satyrium occur mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar. The genus was given its name because the two spurs on the lip of the orchid reminded botanists of Satyr—the woodland demigod that was half man and half goat.

March 30, 31, & April 1
Enjoy some authentic Cuban Son music performed by a quartet from the ensemble Nu D’Lux, consisting of vocals, Conga, Cuban Tres guitar, bass, flute, and percussion. Their energy is irresistible and their sound incorporates Afro- Cuban and Afro-Puerto Rican vocal stylings, and they can groove from the sweetest Son to funky modern Cuban, Rumba, and Danzón.
And did you know. . .?  Tolumnia sylvestre is a dainty epiphytic orchid that grows on the branches of shrubs in Cuba. It was once thought to be a terrestrial orchid since it is often found growing in pine needle litter but it was discovered that the roots of the orchid did not penetrate the ground—it wraps its tiny roots around pine needles and sits above ground.

Celebrate the joyful spirit of Brazil, with its irresistible rhythms ranging from samba to choro to bossa nova. Brazilian guitarist Carlos Almeida and ensemble present this program of captivating, lively, and beautiful Brazilian music.
And did you know. . .?  Aganisia cyanea is a showy true blue orchid that grows in wet lowland rain forests of Brazil. During the monsoon season the orchid, which grows on lower sections of large trees, can be submerged in flood water for weeks without any harm.

To learn more about the Annual Orchid Show, visit or call 718.817.8700. To learn more about any of the performers above, click on the links.