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April 13, 2017 Comments Off on TWO-GROOM WEDDINGS News

Cantaloupe Music Productions is proud to have provided music for several recent two-groom weddings, and we are impressed by how beautifully these weddings have been handled.  What a great breakthrough in the old  barriers to same-sex marriage!  How terrific that these couples can now enjoy the celebration of their commitment to one another.

If you’re out there and planning such a wedding, we invite you to contact us about music to help make your event as joyful and memorable as you dream of.  Brazilian music seems to be the most popular category, and we offer all styles at the highest level: from cool bossa nova to hot samba, with or without vocals.  We also offer small and larger jazz ensembles, and sometimes classical for the ceremony.  Talk to us—we’ll brainstorm with you!

As for two-bride weddings, we’re eager to provide music for them as well!