Our Musical “Style Finder”

Where do you find every style of Brazilian music and more? Right here!

Use this page to listen to samples of the many styles of music we offer, to help you identify the sound you’re looking for. Within each style, we offer more than one option, and will be happy to make specific suggestions based on your event:

Brazilian Bossa Nova with female vocals (Débora Santos singing “Amor Até O Fim”):

[audio:debora-santos/amorateofim.mp3|titles=Amor Até O Fim]

Brazilian Bossa Nov with male vocals (Carlos Almeida singing “Desafinado”):


Brazilian Samba/pagode (Grupo Saveiro performing “Seda do Bombom”):
[audio:grupo-saveiro/sedadobombom.mp3|titles=Seda do Bombom]

Brazilian Carnival samba (Samba New York performing a samba-enredo):
[audio:samba-newyork/EmpireState.mp3|titles=Empire State]

Brazilian Bahian-style rhythms (Dendê and Hãhãhães performing Afro-Brazilian funk):

[audio:dende/bahia.mp3|titles=Bahia de Todos os Santos]

Brazilian jazz (Vanderlei Pereira jazz ensemble):


Salsa/Cuban son and more (Son de Madre):

Modern Cuban son (Nu D’Lux):

Argentine tango (Hector Del Curto’s “Eternal Tango”):

Argentine tango (Urban Tango Trio):

Puerto Rican (authentic and traditional) bolero music (Trio Los Platinos):

[audio:trio-losplatinos/unicamentetu.mp3|titles=Unicamente Tú]

Flute and guitar (Duo Cavatina performing “Tico”):

[audio:duo-cavatina/tico _valsa.mp3|titles=Tico]

Guitar and mandolin (Judy Handler and Mark Levesque performing “Pedacinho do Ceu”):

[audio:handler-levesque/Pedacinhos.mp3|titles=Pedacinho do Ceu]

R&B and Motown (Annette St. John singing “Down Home Blues”):

[audio:annette-stjohn/downhomeblues_bite.mp3|titles=Down Home Blues]

Piano-based jazz ensemble (Miho Nobuzane ensemble):


Guitar-based jazz ensemble (Russ Spiegel Quartet performing “Come Together”):

[audio:russ-spiegel/ComeTogether.mp3|titles=Come Together]

Sax-based jazz ensemble (Laura Dreyer Quartet):

[audio:laura-dreyer/Morenos Olhos Castanhos.mp3|titles=Morenos Olhos Castanhos]