Brazilian Ensembles

Where do you find the best Brazilian ensemble for your event? Right here!

Brazilian music encompasses a wide variety of genres — more than most people are aware of. It is unique in its ability to reach across borders, appeal to an incredible variety of tastes, uplift spirits, get feet moving, speak to audiences of all ages, create ambiance — whether you’re planning a dance party, a carnival event, a wedding, or want something elegant and sophisticated for a reception.

Cantaloupe Music represents the finest artists to be found in every genre, including:

Below are some samples of various styles of Brazilian music, as performed by some of our artists.  We invite you to listen to them, and also to explore the many Brazilian ensembles listed at right.

And for no-obligation suggestions about which ensemble is right for your event, contact:

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Bossa nova with female vocals (Débora Santos singing “Amor Até O Fim”):

[audio:debora-santos/amorateofim.mp3|titles=Amor Até O Fim]

Bossa nova with male vocals (Carlos Almeida singing “Desafinado”):


Samba/pagode (Grupo Saveiro performing “Seda do Bombom”):

[audio:grupo-saveiro/sedadobombom.mp3|titles=Seda do Bombom]

Carnival samba (Samba New York performing a samba-enredo):

[audio:samba-newyork/EmpireState.mp3|titles=Empire State]

Bahian-style rhythms (Dendê and Hãhãhães performing Afro-Brazilian funk):

[audio:dende/bahia.mp3|titles=Bahia de Todos os Santos]

Brazilian jazz (Vanderlei Pereira jazz ensemble):


Brazilian jazz (Laura Dreyer Quartet):

[audio:laura-dreyer/Morenos Olhos Castanhos.mp3|titles=Morenos Olhos Castanhos]