Cabello and Tisza

Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian Folkloric Show

CabelloTiszamontageAn all-inclusive show featuring Cabello and Tisza and their troupe of percussionists, capoeira artists and dancers, performing the traditional Brazilian arts of:

This show never fails to fascinate with its driving rhythms and dazzlingly acrobatic capoeira and dancing.

About Cabello

Born in Piracicaba, Brazil, Cabello keeps the tradition of his ancestors alive by dedicating his life to the rhythms, instruments, songs and dances of the Afro-Brazilian culture. Cabello has been performing and teaching in the US since 1990. He has brought with him his rich experience of the popular music and culture of Brazil — especially the African Brazilian martial art/dance, Capoeira Angola, now widely popular in the United States. While the form of Capoeira Angola does not have a system of belts, as in Asian martial arts, Cabello is a senior practitioner/instructor with 18 years experience. Cabello is currently based in New York City, where he performs regularly with several companies, including his own, and teaches Capoeira and Brazilian percussion. He has toured and performed widely in the United States, Europe and Asia, has performed at dance and music festivals, has given lectures/demonstrations, shows and classes in schools, community centers, museums, universities and festivals.

About Tisza

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Tisza has been practicing and performing the art of Capoeira since age 14. She was a member of Senzala (a strong and important Capoeira school system) and traveled throughout Brazil, participating in events and shows. In 1990 she went to Europe where she performed and taught Capoeira with several companies including the first Capoeira workshop at the national school for dance and theater in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. She also performed and led workshops and lectures in schools, universities, and cultural centers, and was a Capoeira guest teacher at MIT in Boston for one year in 1993. In 1994 she began studying the Capoeira Angola form with the famous master João Grande in New York, where she now lives and performs. She is active as a percussionist, singer, and dancer with several well-known companies on the East Coast, including the popular Ginga Brasileira, the Capoeira Foundation, Cyro Baptista’s group, “Beat the Donkey,” and the “Urban Tap” multi-cultural performance group. She also teaches Brazilian rhythms and movements in workshops for students of all ages.

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