Marcos Ariel

MarcosSmilingAtPianoFrom Brazil, “Piano Bossa Jazz” project

A native of Rio de Janeiro, Marcos Ariel is indefatigable, and music has been a way of life for him since childhood, studying classical piano and memorizing works of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart an Chopin. Later, he developed a passion and admiration for samba, choro, jazz and bossa nova, and became a specialist in the music of Master Antonio Carlos Jobim. His CD, “Alone With Jobim”, firmly established him as one of the preeminent interpreters of the master’s music. ”That album was really a dream come true. Since I´ve started working in the US, I`ve always noticed the admiration of American audience for Antonio Carlos Jobim’s music. I can even say I´ve learned more about his music here in America then in Brazil,” he observed. “I decided to record it after my concert “Homage to Tom Jobim” in the summer of 2005 at the Ford Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

In his project, “Piano Bossa Jazz,” Marcos finds Jobim linkages in Chopin and Bach, them moves into a curious but effective connection with Thelonious Monk, adding his own vocals to complete the mix. The repertoire is quintessential Jobim, including audience and critics’ favorites that are known all over the word, inclluding Girl from Ipanema, Quiet Nights, Dindi, No More Blues, Waters of March, among the many other Jobim classics.

“No question, this is one of the finest Brazilian musician of the decade. Marcos Ariel reveals to us his ‘Carioca’ soul and will introduce you to another dimension of Brazilian Music”. (Talaya Trigueros – KTWV “THE WAVE” Los Angeles)

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