Paulinho da Viola

From Brazil, the legendary composer/singer/musician


The multi-faceted musical talents of Paulinho da Viola have had a dynamic impact on Brazilian music for close to four decades. Born to the great samba tradition, he never abandoned that genre, but went on to explore new horizons in style and form, with the result that his music has remained fresh and appealing to contemporary audiences as well as those of his father’s generation (his father was also a legendary musician, a member of the group “Época de Ouro”).

As a singer, his gentle voice is unmistakable, inimitable, capable of a tremendous range of emotion. As a composer, he has written hundreds of songs and compositions that have become classics, performed and recorded by just about every important Brazilian musician. His lyrics are profound observations on life, love, adventure, loss, joy, sadness. His musicianship (on guitar and cavaquinho) is the perfect complement to his voice. The musicians he has chosen to work with throughout his career are the crème de la crème of Brazilian musical talent. His appeal spans all social classes, from the favelas to the upper echelons. He has succeeded in remaining current without ever commercializing or changing his style to fit a passing popular style of the moment, has never compromised the integrity of his artistic vision.

As a testament to his enduring importance, in 1996 his former record company (EMI) remastered and released his complete EMI discography on CD, providing the new generation with an opportunity to enjoy the entirety of his career. In 2003, a documentary about his life and work, “Meu Tempo É Hoje” (My Time Is Today), was released in the cinema; in late 2004 it was released as a DVD, and the sound track is available as a CD.

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