Annette St. John

vocalist (R&B, jazz, standards)

annetteforwebsiteAnnette takes the mike and captivates. Subtle shades of Sarah, a hint of Ella, but with a style and sparkle that’s uniquely her own, Annette’s extensive repertoire includes jazz standards, ballads and the blues. Now she’s hushed, now she’s joyous, now she’s romantic, now she’s singing with a twinkle in her voice. Personable, vivacious, she makes instant rapport, sings to your heart, and speaks to your soul.

Annette performs with several different formations, depending whether the emphasis is on jazz, or on rhythm and blues. One of her most popular ensembles is the slightly more “funky” sound of the popular Hammond B3 organ, saxophone, bass and drums. She also works with piano/sax/bass/drums.annettewithbandforwebsite

Ellen Azorin, President
Cantaloupe Music Productions, Inc.
Phone: 212.724.2400

From Annette St. John jazz ensemble:

Bye Bye Blackbird:

Recorded live, featuring Hammond B3 organ:

I’ve Got The World On A String:
Down Home Blues:
My Funny Valentine:

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