Nu D’Lux

Modern Cuban Son

A refreshing break from the loud, deliberately complex modern trends in Latin dance music, Nu D’Lux offer a full serving of passion, percussion and pleasure every time they hit the stage. These musicians are honored to have shared the international stage with renowned bands such as Los Van Van, Buena Vista Social Club, and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. Their love affair with Cuban music began years before Buena Vista Social Club and has evolved far beyond simply aping the standards. Their sound incorporates Afro-Cuban and Afro-Puerto Rican vocal stylings, and the ensemble can vary in size from the basic four (the Cuban Tres guitar, congas, bongo, and bass) to expanded formations including trumpet, trombone, violin. . . up to a rousing octet that can groove from the sweetest Son to funky modern Cuban, with astounding ease and dedication. Rumba, Danzón, even Gospel-infused melodies pour out over the dancing crowd.

Jainardo Batista (conga/vocals/co-leader); Aaron Halva (Cuban Tres guitar/vocals, co-leader); Jorge Bringas and Pedro Giraudo (bass/vocals); Gabriel “chinchilita” Machado (bongo/vocals); Manuel Alejandro-Carro (timbal/vocals); Albert Leusink (trumpet); Ali Bello and Yunior Terry(violin); Reut Regev and Andy Hunter (trombone).

Ellen Azorin, President
Cantaloupe Music Productions, Inc.
Phone: 212.724.2400

Aqui Tenemos Ya (octet):
[audio:nu-dlux/AquiTenemosYa.mp3|titles=Aqui Tenemos Ya]
Lo Que Viene Asi Se Va (octet):
[audio:nu-dlux/LoQueViene.mp3|titles=Lo Que Viene Asi Se Va]
El Tragito (quartet/quintet):
[audio:nu-dlux/Tragito.mp3|titles=El Tragito]
Mi Morena (octet):
[audio:nu-dlux/MiMorena.mp3|titles=Mi Morenaa]
Saca Tu Pareja (quartet/quintet):
[audio:nu-dlux/SacaTuPareja.mp3|titles=Saca Tu Pareja]
Se Pasa Bien (septet):
[audio:nu-dlux/SePasaBien.mp3|titles=Se Pasa Bien]
I Can’t Go On (sextet):
[audio:nu-dlux/Can’tGoOn.mp3|titles=I Can’t Go On]
Summer 2010 on the Hudson River, New York City:

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