APAP alert: Don’t miss “Tango Meets Joropo”

Posted on November 3, 2019

For presenters looking for an award-winning show that meets the challenge of diversity, “Tango Meets Joropo” is a program performed by two prominent interpreters of their native music:  Latin GRAMMY winner Pedro Giraudo, and virtuoso Venezuelan flutist Marco Granados.

The program was presented for the first time in late 2019 at the renowned Moab Music Festival, where the presenters considered it one of the highlights of the entire festival.  As the producers described it: “Sensual Argentine tangos meet exuberant joropos and merengues from Venezuela in an exciting evening of Latin American musical diversity.  Fresh from a Latin GRAMMY award, Pedro Giraudo and his tango quartet join forces with Venezuelan flute virtuoso Marco Granados and his trio to create a musical journey filled with beautiful melodies and uplifting rhythms.”

Some rave reviews:

“When the sexy rigors of Argentine tango combined with the propulsive throb of Venezuelan joropo, … we could hardly breathe for the excitement. . . We’ll remember that joyous concert for a long, long time.” —Jamie Bernstein, Author, Film Director, Producer, Educator

“Tango meets Joropo” is an extraordinary musical mind-meld of musicians who meet in the space between their shared talents and the unique musical traditions of their countries. These gifted Venezuelan and Argentinian musicians go at it reveling in their rhythmic and characteristic differences that challenge them to push their own music into a new realm. It’s exciting stuff to see them interact and respond to each other whilst performing an unforgettable evening of music.” —Margaret Mercer, former Program Director WQXR

The tangos range from some classic favorites, some tango nuevo (Astor Piazzolla), and original compositions by Pedro Giraudo.  The Venezuelan music features joropos, merengues, waltzes and even a famous lullaby.

“We don’t cross-pollinate the music, but we do cross-play with different instrumentations (for example the Argentinian bandoneón and the Venezuelan cuatro) to add a new dimension,” say the two artists. For example, in some pieces, flutist Marco Granados and renowned singer Leo Granados join the Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet to play traditional and original tangos; in others bassist Pedro Giraudo joins the Venezuelan Trio playing a variety of Venezuelan music.  Alternating the two musical traditions creates a program of audience-pleasing surprises, all on the highest virtuoso level. The program ends with  a dramatic crescendo as the two ensembles join forces in a grand finale.

Preview at: www.cantaloupeproductions.com/tango-meets-joropo

For booking information:  Ellen Azorin, <ellenazorin@gmail.com> Tel 212-724-2400

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