Carlos Almeida

Guitar and voice (voz e violão)

Carlos Almeida is originally from Rio de Janeiro, where he began playing accordion, then acoustic guitar, at age 10. He received a university degree in economics, but the call of music was powerful and he abandoned that career for a life of samba and other styles of Brazilian music. During his career, he has played with major Brazilian stars, including Beth Carvalho, Jorje Aragão, Alcione, Martinho da Vila, Jair Rodrigues, Jorje Ben Jor — in fact there’s hardly an important musician in Brazil that Carlinhos hasn’t performed with. His repertoire is enormous, ranging from all styles of samba and pagode, to bossa

nova, forró, choro, bolero, MPB (Brazilian popular music). He plays both 6-string and 7-string guitars, and his talents as a musician are extraordinary.

Carlos been living and performing in the United States since 1987, where he is one of the leaders of the award-winning band, Grupo Saveiro, an integral member of Choro Ensemble, a leader of many custom ensembles for events.

The music samples on this page feature Carlos as a soloist on guitar and vocals.

Grupo Saveiro

Award-winning samba and pagode band with vocals

Débora Santos

Vocalist, Bossa nova, samba, MPB, American standards

Beleza Brazil Carnaval Band

Authentic Rio-style Brazilian Carnaval

Nó Em Pingo D'Água

From Brazil, the great choro novo group

Marcos Ariel

Piano and vocals, performing Jobim and other favorites

Nanny Assis and ensembles

Singer/percussionist and two ensembles

Regional de New York

Brazilian instrumental choro music

Dendê & Band

Afro-Brazilian Funk

Susan Pereira and Sabor Brasil

Brazilian jazz ensemble with vocals

Duo Violão Plus One

Acclaimed Brazilian guitarists Rogério Souza and Edinho Gerber joins forces with percussionist Ami Molinelli.

Vanessa Falabella

Brazilian vocalist