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Choro Sax Brasil

From Brazil, Mário Sève & Daniela Spielmann all-star choro ensemble

When these two acclaimed saxophonists walk onstage together – the dynamic figure of Mário Sève and the charismatic and beautiful Daniela Spielmann – magic happens. They are backed by an all-star ensemble featuring the master drummer/percussionist Márcio Bahia, Paulo Malaguti (piano), Bilinho Teixeira (guitar), and Dininho (bass). Each is a renowned artist in his own right. Mário Sève (of “Nó Em Pingo D’Agua”) and Daniela Spielmann (of “Rabo de Lagartixa”) are considered among the leading choro experts in Brazil. The project grew out of a major 2-week “Rio Choro 2003” festival conceived and

produced by Mário Sève, and was later released as a CD titled “Choros, Por Que Sax?” The performance is themed around choro compositions by Brazil’s major saxophonist-choro composers of the past century, including Pixinguinha, Luiz Americano, Severino Araújo, K-ximbinho, Abel Ferreira, as well as originalchorosaxbrasilforwebsitesmaller compositions by Mário Sève and Daniela Spielmann. While the show is a virtual “history of choro” with the saxophone in lead position, the arrangements highlight the formidable talents of each and every member of this incredible ensemble, and have the unmistakably contemporary touch of Mário Sève, Daniela Spielmann, and other members of this all-star group. this all-star group.

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Choro Sax Brasil

From Brazil, Mário Sève & Daniela Spielmann all-star choro ensemble

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