Brazilian Bossa Nova

Where do you find the best bossa nova for your event? Right here!

Cantaloupe Music Productions offers a selection of world class performers of this popular musical style, featuring both vocalists and instrumental ensembles, ranging from full dance bands to small ensembles.

We’ll help you identify the artist or ensemble that best suits your event, often putting together a custom ensemble that can accommodate several different styles.

The sublime rhythms of bossa nova, the beautiful melodies, the many ways it can be interpreted, have made it popular among audiences of all ages and tastes, and make it an ideal choice for any event: weddings, cocktail receptions, gallery openings, corporate or private parties. Guests will recognize the much-loved songs of Antônio Carlos Jobim (The Girl from Ipanema, Quiet Nights (Corcovado), Dindi, Waters of March (Águas de Março), among many other classics.

We invite you to listen to some of the music samples below, and for more music (and videos) explore the many Brazilian ensembles listed at right.
And for no-obligation suggestions about which ensemble is right for your event, contact:

Ellen Azorin, President
Cantaloupe Music Productions, Inc.
Phone: 212.724.2400

Music Samples with vocals:

Marianni Ebert sings “Maria Moita”:
Maria Moita:
[audio:mariani/Maria Moita.mp3|titles=Maria Moita]

Joyce Cândido sings “Preferia”:

Débora Santos sings “Amor Até O Fim”:
Amor Até O Fim:
[audio:debora-santos/amorateofim.mp3|titles=Amor Até O Fim]

Susan Pereira sings a bossa nova medley:
Bossa Nova medley:
[audio:susan-pereira/bossanovamedley.mp3|titles=Bossa Nova medley]

Vanessa Falabella sings “Acontece”:

Vera Mara sings “One Note Samba”:
One Note Samba (quintet):
[audio:vera-mara/onenotesamba.mp3|titles=One Note Samba]

Ana Lu sings “Tristeza De Nós Dois”
Tristeza De Nós Dois:

Nanny Assis sings “O Pato”:
O Pato
[audio:nanny-assis/opato.mp3|titles=O Pato]

Carlos Almeida sings “Desafinado”:

Instrumental Music Samples:

Cliff Korman ensemble performs “Wave”

Vanderlei Pereira ensemble performs “Amanhã”:
Amanhã (Walter Santos):

Laura Dreyer ensemble performs “Morenos Olhos Castanhos”:
Morenos Olhos Castanhos:
[audio:laura-dreyer/Morenos Olhos Castanhos.mp3|titles=Morenos Olhos Castanhos]

Cidinho ensemble performs “Girl From Ipanema”:
[audio:cidinho-teixeira/cidinho-vera-demo.mp3|titles=Cidinho with Vera Mara on vocals]

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