Choro (various performers)

A style of traditional Brazilian instrumental music, performed by various groups

no-for-choro-variousChoro, or “chorinho” (its diminutive name), is a traditional and beautiful instrumental music that is enjoying a revived popularity in Brazil and being discovered by world music lovers everywhere.  Older than bossa nova or samba, choro was born in Rio de Janeiro in the late 19th century, a result of mixing European forms with Afro-Brazilian rhythms. And of course, Brazilian musicians added their own instrumentation, mixing light percussion (like pandeiro) and the little 4-stringed cavaquinho, with wind instruments like flute, clarinet and saxophone.

The Choro repertoire is rich in melody, harmony and rhythm, and delightfully manages to be both earthy and elegant at the same time.  Although it is music “of the people,”RabogroupfornewwebsitePage from its very beginning it attracted the interest of well-schooled musicians, who evolved a classical three-part structure similar to a rondo form.

Some of the great choro composers and performers are Jacob do Bandolim (1918-1969) a master mandolim player, and Pixinguinha (1898-1973), a flute and saxophone player and an exquisite arranger and composer. Pixinguinha took the style to new heights, writing hundreds of choros with beautiful melodic lines, some of them so innovative that they sound modern even today, and his ideas influenced many of the more widely known Brazilian composers like Antonio Carlos Jobim. And there is choro written for piano, the most famous being by composers like Ernesto Nazareth and Chiquinha Gonzaga, whose works Rob-Dio-Billyhave attracted famous classical pianists like Arthur Moreira Lima.

Chorinho can be light, beautiful background music, or it can be a performance. There are many different formations possible, differing in instrumentation and size (typically from 3-6 performers). It is ideal for a prestigious reception, or an elegant restaurant seeking a soundluizsimaspiano2 that is different but instantly appealing.

Cantaloupe Music Productions works with various choro formations so that we can provide the one that is most suitable for your event or venue.

The following is a selection of chorinhos demonstrating various instrumentations and reportoire; below each selection the solo instrument(s) is noted. These selections are sampled from classic choro recordings, and are intended only to give the potential client some ideas of what is possible.

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Cochichando (cavaquinho and flute):
Deslizando (piano and percussion):
Doce De Coco (accordion):
Cabuloso (mandolin):
Pedacinho Do Céu (cavaquinho and accordion):
Tico-Tico No Fubá (mandolin and 7-string guitar):
Chorando Baixinho (clarinet):
Segura Ele (flute and piano):
Por Que Choras Saxaphone (saxophone):
Choro Negro (mandolin and 7-string guitar):
Tenebroso (bassoon):
Vibrações (mandolin and guitar):
Odéon (solo piano):

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