Rabo de Lagartixa

from Brazil, the great choro novo group

RabogroupfornewwebsitePagePart jazz, part Afro-Brazilian, part European, “Choro Novo” really swings. Rabo de Lagartixa is the acclaimed group whose CD topped the charts in Brazil. Acknowledged to be one of the top ensembles of this intriguing new sound, “Rabo” features Daniela Spielmann (the blond beat-kicking sax player), with Brazil’s great virtuoso 7-string guitarist Marcello Gonçalves, the famed Beto Cazes on percussion, Jayme Vignoli on cavaquinho, extraordinary bassist Alexandre Brasil, and guest Estevão Teixeira on flute. Rabo de Lagartixa “breaks your jaw” (the title song of the CD) as they unite jazz-like passion with their inventive arrangements and the melodic beauty of the choro tradition.

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