Vanessa Falabella

Brazilian vocalist

vanessawithmikeBrazilian vocalist Vanessa Falabella has a repertoire as great as her charm and charisma, singing everything from traditional samba and bossa nova, to jazz, MPB (Brazilian popular music), soul, and R&B. She has performed at New York’s top venues including SOB’s, Town Hall, The Supper Club, Cafe Wha, Joe’s Pub, and Zinc Bar. She has performed and recorded with Marcus Viana, Cyro Baptista, The Rain Forest Band, César Camargo Mariano, Sadao Watanabe, Gato Barbieri, Hiram Bullock, among others. She opened for Bob Dylan’s Brazilian Tour, performed at the Taste of Jazz Festival in Miami, and has traveled the world as a featured performer. In Brazil, she has recorded soundtracks for some of the famous Brazilian television “novelas” as well as commercials including a Brazilian presidential campaign.

About Vanessa

She was born in the state of Minas Gerais (which has produced many Brazilian musical legends including Milton Nascimento), into a family of actors, writers and painters, Vanessa started as a child, acting in commercials, doing voiceovers and jingles for radio and TV, while listening to MPB, bossa nova, samba, jazz, funk and soul. “There were so many influences and music around me and I wanted to learn everyone’s sound.”

After graduating from school, she came to New York to study voice and English, and soon began to do studio and club work. This led her to a number of recordings with artists such as Gato Barbieri, Philippe Saisse, Sadao Watanabe, Cyro Baptista, Jason Miles, Will Lee, Eumir Deodato, Rick Braun, as well as an EMI group project called Criara, with the great film score producers Frank Ferrucci and Scott Lehrer.

Her 1995 debut with The Rain Forest Band brought gave her the opportunity to compose jointly with two great Brazilian musicians, Magrus and Claudio Spiewak in Miami, which was recorded on CD and released independently. She also wrote tunes with Rob Bargad, Ragh, Luca Mundaca, Zooga Mallaga, Tony Cedras, Frank Ferrucci and other songwriters.

Returning to New York in 1997, she started blending all her musical influences, both Brazilian and American grooves, singing in Portuguese, English and Spanish.VIBE-01at250pixels

While in New York, Vanessa developed both a Brazilian-Latin and American following. Her Brazil Nights at Cafe Wha attracted a large audience, playing to packed houses every Monday in Greenwich Village for over 3 years.

Today, based in Brazil, Vanessa has released a couple of project with Sony BMG, called Vibe, produced by Marcelo Lima and Guillermo Moane, the latest one being a tribute to Cartola, produced by Marcelo Rocha.

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