Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra

13-piece band led by
Argentine-born composer/arranger/bassist Pedro Giraudo

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This 13-piece band, led by Argentine-born Pedro Giraudo, has captivated audiences around the world with its passion and energy. And while its underpinnings are Argentine, it has a big-band sound in the tradition of such composers as Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus. The original compositions and arrangements by Pedro Giraudo providesurprising twists, turns, improvisations, and instrumental dialogues. There’s a hint of South American grooves and yes, a dash of tango to add to its appeal. The band members are each masterful instrumentalists, and the arrangements highlight the unique talents of each of them, artfully weaving together pre-composed and improvised elements.

About Pedro Giraudo

Originally from Córdoba Argentina, Pedro Giraudo moved to New York City in 1996. Since then he has become an in-demand bass player and arranger working in a great variety of musical projects. He has performed professionally with Pablo Ziegler, Kenny Garrett (Miles Davis), Marco Granados, William Cepeda (Dizzy Gillespie), Chris Washburn, Hector Del Curto and Eternal Tango; and recorded with Fernando Otero’s X-Tango, Marta Topferova, Jose Conde, Lucia Pulido, Mo’Guajiro & Jess Jurkovic. Pedro has participated in various Jazz and Music Festivals throughout the United States, Europe, South America, the Caribbean and Asia and performed in venues such as The Blue Note (Japan), Birdland (Vienna), Kennedy Center (Washington DC), Iridium, Jazz Standard, Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall (New York City).

The Orchestra

Will Vinson – Alto & Soprano Saxophones
Luke Batson – Tenor Saxophone & Clarinet
Carl Maraghi – Baritone Sax
Jonathan Powell – Trumpet
Tatum Greenblatt – Trumpet
Ryan Keberle – Trombone
Mike Fahie – Trombone
Jess Jurkovic – Piano
Jeff Davis – Drums
Tony de Vivo – Percussion
participation Sofia Tosello – Vocals
Pedro Giraudo – Bass/Composition/Arrangement

Critical Acclaim

From Peter Watrous, former music critic, The New York Times, who now reviews for, one of the largest and highly respected online Latin music sites. Pedro Giraudo’s CD “Desconsuelo” was his “Editor’s Pick” in March of 2006, with this review:

“Part of a growing trend of New York based Latin American composers to use their jazz training to incorporate music from their homelands, Desconsuelo is a special piece of work. It’s broad, dramatic and majestic. Giraudo’s arrangements draw from early Ellington, and Gil Evans, and modern big band orchestration and work over traditional rhythms from Argentina. The band’s made up of American musicians, and they take on the music and leave it perfectly realized. There are elements of tango, and classical music and jazz; at times the music sounds like a Carla Bley project. Giraudo plays bass, but his instrument really is the band. This is modern jazz and Latin music at its best.”

John Murph in the November 2009 issue of Downbeat:

“an opulent listening experience of modern, orchestral jazz, brimming with passionate improvisions, deliberate contrapuntal melodies and plush harmonies.”

In the Sunday Arts section of the Miami Herald, Fernando Gonzalez picks “El Viaje” among his short list of releases of contemporary Latin jazz:

“Exceptional large ensemble mixing jazz, classical music and Argentine tango and folk music.”

From the Fall 2009 issue of JAZZIZ magazine (which contained a track from “El Viaje” on the CD sampler that accompanies the magazine):

“Giraudo makes use of a variety of colors and textures in his arrangements, evoking a range of emotions . . . Elements of his country’s tango can be heard, sometimes fleetingly, other times more pronounced, as on the first movement of the title suite that has earned the bassist comparisons to Astor Piazzolla.”

From the June 2006 issue of Encore, the program magazine for Brooklyn Academy of Music and other performing arts venues around the country, by Jeffrey Hildt, the magazine’s CD critic:

“Play this remarkable new CD once–you won’t forget it. The experience is exhilarating. Giraudo is a talent that deserves to emerge onto the front ranks of the jazz scene. This is, without qualification, innovative and exciting jazz. Two antecedents come to mind: Gerry Mulligan and Charles Mingus. Both remade what a previous generation would have called the big band sound, and both did it with lighter, tighter forces and distinctive, modern charts. Giraudo picks up that torch and runs with it. With a sound that is loose and relaxed, yet arranged throughout, soloists often jump out of the pack, playfully injecting their personality into the proceedings (Mingus). At other times, the influence is clearly classical, the performances virtuosic. And the music always swings (Mulligan). Giraudo loves to produce sounds you don’t expect; horns doubled with a bit of voice, a percussive bass rumbling from the piano. . . .one of the best jazz recordings of the year.”

More Kudos

“Transcendent, rich, evocative music by a master composer. This album represents a subtle yet significant evolution in Mr. Giraudo’s masterful compositions The music is dense, colorful, passionate, powerful and swinging. His use of instrumentation is evocative of great jazz masters like Ellington and Mingus, yet its distinct folkloric flavor is unique to the genre.”
— Harry Rosenholz, Wooster Jazz Society

“. . . a refreshingly original slant on improvised music, adeptly combining elements of modern jazz with Argentine rhythms.”
— Scott Reeves, Professor Jazz Studies, Julliard School of Music

“Don’t miss a chance to see this band! [They] will rock your world and send you home thinking.”
— Tom Abbs,

“The most exciting and music group. . . in years. Pedro Giraudo’s music is at once intelligent, imaginative and accessible.”
— David Berger, arranger, Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra

“An amazing CD . . . music so captivating, it gets into your blood.”
— Pietro Carbognani, Vililemania (Italy)

” . . altogether a great album by a talented band with a distinctive sound that should appeal to fans of jazz and latin alike.”
— Dirk Binsau, Jazz Not Jazz (Germany)

“Giraudo’s bass is a powerful presence to the intoxicating infusions of brass, percussion, and piano.”
— Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower,

“Desconsuelo” was ranked 1st on CHOU-FM (Ottawa) charts
and was named “CD of the Week” at

Ellen Azorin, President
Cantaloupe Music Productions, Inc.
Phone: 212.724.2400

El Bajonazo:

(winner “2009 Latin Jazz Composition Of the Year” in Latin Jazz Corner’s “Best of The Year Awards”):

Mate Amargo:

La Bronca:

Primer Intento:

Ese Grito:



Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra performing “Mate Amargo” at Macau International Jazz Festival:

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Pedro Giraudo Jazz Ochestra performing “Duendo del Mate” at 92Y Tribeca:
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More Videos at: Pedro Giraudo myspace video channel

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